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21st Century learning seems to be leaping forward all across the country. Technology has become the foundation for all students to learn and excel. Bonzobox is the perfect tool for teachers and students to interact and share resources. With paperback books dwindling and online resources booming, there seems to be no better place to store your web-sources than Bonzobox. Teachers don’t have to hand out recommended sources or write web addresses on the board when they can just store them in their Bonzobox dashboard. They then become easily accessible and you cant lose them either. Classmates and teachers are also able to send sources and websites to each other through the Bonzobox messaging system. For example, if a teacher assigns a news article as reading homework for the night, he/she can simply add the article to his/her Bonzobox dashboard and send it to all students. This way the students can come home, log in, and have the news article right in front of them. This seems way more efficient than finding the article in the paper, then going to the copy center to make multitudes of copies, and finally handing them out to each and every student with hopes that they don’t lose the article. This is just one way that Bonzobox is helping teachers across the country.

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