Constructed Response Resources

This resource includes materials which can be put into math folders to be utilized while students practice constructed responses. These materials include a vocabulary word list classified by category, a flow map which provides a visual and explanation of steps needed to solve a constructed response problem, and checklists which can be used to revise responses independently and/or with peers during peer conferences. The idea behind this approach is to treat constructed responses as a writing genre in which students use specific vocabulary in a sequential description of the steps taken to solve each problem. The example constructed response can be modified for repeated practice with different sample questions. The examples utilizes a T-chart to demonstrate building a response. Students show their work on one side and explain it using time-order words on the other. An analysis worksheet, which asks them to write what they did to fully and accurately answer the question, is also included. This process can be modified for virtually any grade level in an effort to force students to think about how they solve problems and to justify their answer.

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5 out of 5 stars
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