Math 6 Flipped Lesson Identifying Polygons

Students compare and study polygons resulting in definitions for graphic organizer. Day before introduce to the students the content that they will be doing at home. There will be a link on the class website . The students will complete three column notes – name of the polygon – number of sides – and the sum of the interior angles of each polygon. They will complete the chart by watching the videos and using the hyperlinks that I provided on the website. Then the students will define regular polygon, diagonal, and vertex using the hyperlinks provided on the website. The homework will be checked the following day in class to make sure they completed the work at home. If they finish their homework they will be able to participate in centers. 1) ipad poly app, 2) ipad BrainPOP video/quiz, 3) Kagan Quiz-Quiz-Trade, 4) Polygon Worksheet, 5) Smartboard student led activity, 6) Polygon creature creation.

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