4th Grade Real Life Math Activity - Area/Perimeter

Students will take a walking field trip to two nearby parks to determine what aspects of the park they want to include in making the school playground a better place. In this lesson, students will design a playground using manipulatives and multiple representations. Students will determine the maximum area allowed by collecting data with the teacher. The playground will include equipment with given dimensions using use-areas. Finally, scale models will be created on graph paper and a presentation will be made to teammates or classmates. #VegasPBS-Math181.69

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  • NVACS Mathematics

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  • Lesson Plan


  • 4th Grade


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Standard(s)/Course Objective(s)

  • NV 1.4.5 - Immediately recall and use multiplication and corresponding division facts (products to 144).
  • NV 1.4.8 - Generate and solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems using whole numbers in practical situations.
  • NV 3.4.1.a - Estimate and convert units of measure for length, area, and weight within the same measurement system (customary and metric).
  • NV 3.4.2 - Measure length, area, temperature, and weight to a required degree of accuracy in customary and metric systems.
  • NV 3.4.3 - Define and determine the perimeter of polygons and the area of rectangles, including squares.
  • NV 1.4.7.b - Multiply and divide multi-digit numbers by a one-digit whole number with regrouping.

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