Donut Game

This is a quiet game. Two teams compete to complete the donut. Project the PowerPoint on the board. In the middle of the circle put a math problem i.e. x5 then students race to answer x5 each number on the donut by writing the answer on the outside of the donut. (You can also use any other operation by editing the numbers in the donut.) Example on the first slide. 1. Split the class into two teams. They stand in two lines in front of the board. 2. One at a time they write an answer on the outside of the donut. If an incorrect answer is written the student that realizes it may change it but that is their turn and it goes on to the next student in line. 3. The first team to answer all problems sits down. If all are correct they win. If not the second team can steal the point by having more correct.

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