Student Engagement - Using a Smartboard and Hands-On Learning to Engage Students

Ms. Leveaux uses a Smartboard and engagement strategies during a math lesson in her fourth grade classroom at Beckley Elementary

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4 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
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Wiki-Teacher - CCSD

Content Area

  • NVACS Mathematics
  • Technology

Resource Type(s)

  • Lesson Plan


  • Kindergarten
  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • 3rd Grade
  • 4th Grade
  • 5th Grade


  • Mathematics 2
  • Mathematics 4
  • Mathematics 5

Standard(s)/Course Objective(s)

  • 2.G.A.1 - Recognize and draw shapes having specified attributes, such as a given number of angles or a given number of equal faces. Identify triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, and cubes. (Sizes are compared directly or visually, not compared by measuring.)
  • 3.G.A.1 - Understand that shapes in different categories (e.g., rhombuses, rectangles, and others) may share attributes (e.g., having four sides), and that the shared attributes can define a larger category (e.g., quadrilaterals). Recognize rhombuses, rectangles, and squares as examples of quadrilaterals, and draw examples of quadrilaterals that do not belong to any of these subcategories.
  • NV 4.3.4 - Compare, contrast, sketch, model, and build two- and three-dimensional geometric figures and objects.

Textbook Unit(s)

  • Topic 15:Solids
  • Unit 7 - Investigation 1 - Geometric Solids


  • Technology
  • Interactive White Board