Atom RAFT Paper

This is an activity to encourage writing across the curriculum. RAFT is a strategy to get students to write with excellent voice about any topic. RAFT is an acronym for Role, Audience, Format, and Topic. First, students plan these elements. Then students use this overall plan to write a factual paper on atoms. This should be used as a cumulative activity or assessment after the topic of atoms has already been taught in class.

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  • Science

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  • Lesson Plan
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  • 8th Grade
  • 10th Grade


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Standard(s)/Course Objective(s)

  • N.8.A.6 - Students know scientific inquiry includes evaluating results of scientific investigations, experiments, observations, theoretical and mathematical models, and explanations proposed by other scientists. [E/S]
  • N.8.B.1 - Students understand that consequences of technologies can cause resource depletion and environmental degradation, but technology can also increase resource availability, mitigate environmental degradation, and make new resources economical.
  • P.8.A.4 - Students know atoms often combine to form molecules, and that compounds form when two or more different kinds of atoms chemically bond. [E/S]
  • P.8.A.6 - Students know matter is made up of tiny particles called atoms. [E/S]
  • P.8.A.7 - Students know the characteristics of electrons, protons, and neutrons. [E/S]
  • P.8.A.8 - Students know substances containing only one kind of atom are elements which cannot be broken into smaller pieces by normal laboratory processes. [E/S]

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  • GATE - Gifted and Talented Education
  • Special Education (SPED)