Conduction and Electrical Energy

This is an inquiry-based introduction to a simple circuit. The materials you need are two pieces of insulated wire, a C or D battery, and a mini light bulb. After a brief explanation about electricity (including safety), the groups of students are instructed to "Find at least two ways to make the bulb light." After students discover that the energy source needs to run to the bottom and the side of the bulb, they are given another wire to explore two more ways to make the bulb light. Through this activity students notice that the energy source needs to run to the positive and negative. #Wiki-TeacherLiveMay11

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  • 8th Grade


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  • N.8.A.5 - Students know how to use appropriate technology and laboratory procedures safely for observing, measuring, recording, and analyzing data. [E/L]
  • P.8.C.6 - Students know electrical circuits provide a means of transferring electrical energy to produce heat, light, sound, and chemical changes. [I/S]

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