Postcards from God - Journey through the universe

This is a powerpoint with information for the lecturer and pictures from the Hubble, Chandra, and Spitzer telescopes. It follows the nature of light to the hubble deep space view and everything in between. Can be adapted for Earth science. E8B1 E8B5 #Wiki-TeacherLiveFebruary11

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4 out of 5 stars
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Mr. Ashmus

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  • Science

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  • 7th Grade


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  • E.8.B.1 - Students know the universe contains many billions of galaxies, and each galaxy contains many billions of stars. [I/S]
  • E.8.B.4 - Students know Earth is part of a solar system located within the Milky Way Galaxy. [E/S]
  • E.8.B.6 - Students know the Sun is a medium-sized star located in the Milky Way Galaxy, part of which can be seen as a glowing band of light spanning the clear night sky. [W/L]

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