Anansi and the Talking Melon Vocabulary Center

This vocabulary center reinforces the vocabulary words found in the text Anansi and the Talking Melon. Included are directions for the center, an answer key, student materials for the center, and student record sheets. Two additional words have been added to the vocabulary list found within Scott Foresman: lazy (directly from text) and sauntered (a synonym for the word walked). Sentences were not included for the words bore and prod due to their limited use in future text. The first seven pages of the document include cloze sentences where students must find the correct vocabulary word to fit the sentence. There are two sentences for each word, however, it is suggested that only one sentence per word be included in each set (there are enough sentences for two sets). Sentences should be cut into strips. Page 8 is a list of the vocabulary words that would need to be cut and placed with the sentence strips. Following on pages 9-12 are additional center materials.

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