EnVision Diagnostic Assessment Template Kindergarten

Track student achievement by completing this Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet identifies students as intensive/does not meet standards, strategic/approaching standards, or benchmark/meets standards for each strand in the assessment. Also, the intervention lessons needed to work with small groups are included on the top row of the template. Everything is at your fingertips. To use: 1) Give and grade student diagnostic assessment. 2) For each INCORRECT question enter 0 or 1. For each CORRECT question leave the box BLANK. 3) Green mean meets standards, White means approaching standards, Red means does not meet standards. #Wiki-TeacherLiveMarch10

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Content Area

  • NVACS Mathematics

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  • Kindergarten


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  • No Standards/Course Objectives Identified

Textbook Unit(s)

  • Topic 1:Sorting and Classifying
  • Topic 2:Position and Location
  • Topic 3:Patterns
  • Topic 4:Zero to Five
  • Topic 5: Six to Ten
  • Topic 6:Comparing Numbers
  • Topic 7:Geometry
  • Topic 8:Fractions and Ordinals
  • Topic 9:Measurment
  • Topic 10:Additon
  • Topic 11:Subtraction
  • Topic 12:Larger Numbers
  • Topic 13:Money
  • Topic 14:Time
  • Topic 15:Calendar
  • Topic 16:Graphing


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