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This lesson will help students to explore It is a guided practice. Some may even call it a webquest. This is formatted to be used in an Interactive Notebook (IAN). I use start with this activity and follow up with Physical Activity, Super Tracker, and Fast Food. All are on Wiki-Teacher. This can be modified to use as a whole group if a computer lab is not available.

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  • Health

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  • 8th Grade
  • 9th Grade
  • 10th Grade


  • Health 8
  • Health Education HS (Semester)

Standard(s)/Course Objective(s)

  • 2.8.3 - Examine how various sources influence your personal food choices.
  • 3.1 - Examine how physical activity and diet are essential in maintaining a healthy body.
  • 3.2 - Classify foods using the components of MyPlate.
  • 3.4 - Select food items which are rich in the essential nutrients.
  • 3.1 - Relate proper nutrition to overall wellness.
  • 3.2 - Apply the dietary guidelines for Americans and the components of MyPlate to their daily nutritional needs.

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