Fly Traps! Supplemental

<br><strong>Unit 6 - Fly Traps! </strong> A six part supplemental that teachers can use for this story in Trophies. Sentence mix-up, language quiz, scratch pad, yes/no questions, DOL (Daily Oral Language), and prediction sheet.<br><br> Prediction Sheet - This serves as a space for students to make predictions about the story, answers spaces for the scratch pad & yes/no sections, and listening comprehension questions.<br><br> Scratch Pad - Asks students to identify certain elements of the text. Each problem specifies page number, paragraph, and line.<br><br>Yes/No - These questions ask a variety of comprehension for students to complete as you go through the story.

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Brookman Elementary School - 4th Grade

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  • NVACS English Language Arts

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  • 4th Grade


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  • Fly Traps! The Plants That Bite Back


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