Using Technology with Math 1.1.1 First Grade

This resource is written for first grade but easily adapted for all grades 1-5. The "assignment sheet" file is the technology task for the students. The "check for understanding" file is for the teacher. With a project like this in first grade, there will need to be plenty of time to conference with the teacher. I have been having two partners present once a week. I began with the more capable technology students so that they could tutor the remaining students with their projects. The "SlideShow Rubric" file is the final rubric for their assignment. This is great for developing higher order thinking skills. I wouldn't try it at the beginning of first grade. This is an ideal project if your school has a computer lab with a projector where the teacher takes the students once a week, or if the teacher has an LCD projector easily accessible to the classroom. It is best to save the slideshows on a mobile storage device, since the files tend to be large.

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5 out of 5 stars
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  • Topic 11:Tens and Ones
  • Topic 4:Place Value:Numbers to 100
  • Topic 1:Numeration
  • Topic 1:Numeration
  • Topic 1:Numeration


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