Multiplication Facts Cootie Catchers

Students can build "cootie catchers" to practice their multiplication math facts. There is one page for each number, two through nine, and each page has facts for x2 to x9. Each page has instructions at the bottom for how to cut and fold each cootie catcher. Students then practice their math facts with a partner. Student 1 puts their thumbs and forefingers in the pockets and Student 2 chooses one of the 4 numbers showing. Student 1 then moves their fingers so that forefingers touch and thumbs touch, and then finger and thumb from same hand touch, the designated number of times. Student 2 then picks a math fact from the four showing, guesses the answer, and Student 1 lifts the flap to reveal the correct answer. I have also included a blank template, per request. I would recommend that students fold it first so they know where to write in the problems and solutions.

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5 out of 5 stars
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