"Look to the North" Constructed Response

This resource uses a "Think and Respond" question from the Trophies story "Look to the North" using the CRT Written-Response format. This resource prepares students for the written response by familiarizing them with the format while also including explicit expectations for their response. The resource includes the question, a checklist, and a rubric which can all be modified for other grades and stories. The teacher should review the checklist and rubric before the students begin. The teacher can model looking back in the text to search for supporting details. The checklist and rubric can be put on the overhead and the teacher can use student input to evaluate sample responses. The teacher should focus the lesson on how to look back in the text for evidence, constructing a written response which includes those details, and using the checklist as a tool while writing to strengthen the response. Finally, the rubric can be used to expose students to explicit expectations as well as for scoring student work.

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