Ideas and Content Writing Trait Resources

This resource includes a revising checklist, peer conference, and rubric for the "Ideas and Content" trait. These resources help prepare students for the fifth-grade writing assessment but are also beneficial for breaking down steps to improve students' written expression of ideas. The rubric should be introduced to the students on an overhead before they begin their rough draft and can later be used to score their writing as well as track their growth on future stories in the area of Ideas and Content. During the revision stage, the students should self-evaluate using the checklist and then peer conference with another student. The peer conference template is best used when the peer reviewer listens to the author read the story aloud while simultaneously filling out the template. These steps can all be modeled on the overhead with student examples before the students attempt it on their own. The student samples can also be used for editing purposes, or editing mistakes can be corrected so students can just focus on ideas. Teachers can demonstrate how to use checklist, conferencing sheet, and rubric using sample essays on overhead transparency. The resource also includes mini-lesson lesson plans which can be used to focus on teaching better ideas and content in writing through incorporation of figurative language, use of strong verbs, inclusion of personal experiences, and determining whether ideas support the main idea.

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