Never Finished Learning (N.F.L.) Challenge Club

The NFL is a club for students who are NEVER FINISHED LEARNING (NFL). NFL members go above and beyond the normal classroom expectations and challenge themselves to do more than what they "have" to do. Here's what students do: 1. Choose any question from the five categories on the challenge list: Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science or Humanities. 2. Research and learn about the topic using reference books or the internet. 3. STUDY, STUDY, STUDY so they become an expert on the subject. 4. When students are ready, they let you know and you ask questions about the topic. For each challenge they pass, students earn a point in the NFL club! There are different rankings to "earn as you learn": 1-5 points: rookie 6-10 points: starting line-up 11-15 points: pro 16- 25 points: All Star more than 25 points: NFL Hall of Fame Once you're in the Hall of Fame, you're in for life since you are a lifetime learner!

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